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Future me: A Unique way to remember the past?

Updated: Feb 10

Future me website: Honest Review : After 6 years of use and dozens of letters that I've written on this website, I can surely say that this website is really special to embrace your past memories in the exact same words- what you were thinking at that point of the time. Allow me to give you a brief review of this website.

Disclaimer: The following article has been inspired from the Liberty Lens Network 

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This website is really good for your self-help journey because you can write a letter to yourself right now and review the letter after some time, ideally after one year.

we all feel elated by watching the old photographs of our own. Last time when I saw my school photos I smiled, you know why? Because I remember back then when I was in school, I used to body shame a lot, and I never thought that I'll be able to overcome it. But now I think what a fool I was. It happens to all, Right? and still we have a lot of self doubts, which we sometime think that will crush our souls and futures.

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But like I mentioned earlier, understanding can change over time. But, what if we remember the exact mindset we had in the past and exactly what and why were we thinking the way we were thinking at that time, wouldn't it be fun. Trust me its way more exciting than it sounds. To make this dream a reality now we have the resources like futureme website, where you can write letters to your future self. Sounds exciting, isn't it? And to make things even better, its Freeeeeeeee!

My First Impressions

Honestly, I don't remember exactly how did I come across this website. I should've wrote a letter about this too, LOL. But, as far as I can recall, I was going through one hack of a emotion turmoil back then. It was 2018, and I was still trying to figure out my life. I looked for many things and tried many of them as well, but most of them were worthless, except futureme website, which was one of those things which I've tried and found useful- as I see now, after receiving so many of my past letters. Every time a new letter arrives, I go back to the square one in terms of excitement, because each new letter gives me the same level of joy as it was the first time. When I wrote my first letter, I was clueless and wondered how this letter will going to be delivered? and bam! When I received my first future letter after couple of months later. Those exact words I've written on my letter took me straight to the very moment when I wrote the letter, word by word. Ever since then I've been writing the letters on a regular basis. Because now, I love it, the experience it gives is unexplainable. No lies.

What this website offers: Pros and Cons

By simply logging in with you email address, preferably gmail address, you can write a future letter to yourself. But before signing in, make sure you use the email address which you'll be using for a long time, because this email address will be the address in which you'll be receiving you future letters. Signing in is really simple, after that you just have to write the letter and send it to the future, when you want to receive it. If you want to keep your letters secret then opt for the private option instead of public. And if you want to share your letters to the fellow readers, then you can opt for the public option before sending it to the future.

Now they offer premium options as well, where you can attach photographs and videos to your letters, earlier it was only text option. But since this is my honest review, I say, you should stick to the text only option. And if you like this website in the future, you can donate them as per your will so that they will keep delivering the letters, but no compulsion.

  • The biggest pro of this website is that this website is free and it does its job really good.

  • This website is really easy to use, you won't find yourself struggling with the navigations.

  • Its really pin point, as far as I can say it does not overwhelm you with useless distractions. You just sign in and write your letters, and sign out.

  • Tired of remembering too many passwords, well, with this website you can sign in with email links for future logins.

  • No options for attaching photographs and videos with the free version. Although I can't see this option quite useful to me, may be I am the only one.

  • With free version it comes with adds, and again, its not much to bother about.

The Final Verdict

All in all, Futureme website is a tool with which you can write letters to your future self for free. Some of you might say, " I can write a letter in my note app, why bother for such a hassle? "

For starters, this letter is locked after a day or two, when you done writing the letter, so, you cannot access it until it reaches your mailbox, which is your set date.

Although you can access it with the premium option, but what is the point, if it is readily accessible, Right? Being not able to access it, is the fun part.

And finally I totally recommend this website to those who want to write a letter to themselves and enjoy the retrospection of life. Because I bet, if you'll receive a letter after 2, 3, 5, or even 10 years from today you'll surely be thrilled. And if you are thinking about writing a letter today, try to be as detailed as possible. You can mention exact time, clothes you are wearing and every little details you can find, because this way your letter will be more entertaining to read in the future. Just be creative and pour out your heart into it.

You can visit the Futureme website from here

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Please share your comments and views, it'll help us to refine our contents and to value your time as well. Have an awesome day ahead.

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